TEN10 Coffee

From a highland estate near the Muthodi forest of Chikmagalur this small batch of coffee beans are organically and wildly grown.

The beans are roasted and ground to perfection to ensure a rich, bold and aromatic brew of South Indian filter coffee.

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Available in 2 variants :

Chicory Blend- 15% chicory and 85% coffee (250gms)

Pure Blend(250gms)

Farm to Table

2021 Harvest

How to Brew perfect cup of Filter Coffee?

Make sure you get your proportions right. 1/4th part of filter with the Ten10 coffee powder and 3/4th part of the filter with Hot boiling water. Wait until the decoction settles down at the bottom of the filter.

Add milk of your choice with the decoction made with sweetener(optional).

Tadaaaaaa you have just brewed perfect cup of Coffee.

PS: If you want your coffee darker or more thicker then just reduce the water accordingly.